Class of 2020

Tyler Balli is from Denver, Colorado. He went to Brigham Young University, where he majored in history and minored in editing. His thesis focuses on the history of reading in nineteenth-century Utah. Tyler plans to work in publishing after graduation.

John R. Legg is working on the public memory of the U.S.-Dakota War in Minnesota during the mid-1860s. You can find John’s published work in the Journal of the Civil War Era‘s Muster Blog, Minneapolis Star Tribune, the Roanoke Times, the Journal of Arizona History, Tropics of Meta, The Activist History Review, and his 2018 Historical Methods paper will be published in the Great Plains Quarterly (Fall 2019)On top of publishing, John’s been active at various conferences and speaking events. In Spring 2019, John was listed as one-of-eight “Emerging Scholars” by the American Civil War Museum. John is also working on a Public History Certificate and helps his advisor, Paul Quigley, in the Virginia Center for Civil War Studies. After Virginia Tech, John intends on working towards a Ph.D. in Native American history with *hopes* of working in academia. You can probably find John strumming a guitar or snapping photographs during his free time.

Emily Stewart is a graduate student in the History M.A. program from Christiansburg, Virginia. She graduated from Virginia Tech with a B.A. in History. Her research interests are focused on the social and cultural history of Virginia women.

LT Wilkerson is from South Boston, Virginia and completed his undergrad here at Virginia Tech. LT is focusing on American history and is hoping to work on the Civil Rights Movement. After graduation, he plans to work in archives.