Class of 2025

Miles Abernethy

Miles is pursuing an MA in History. He graduated from Virginia Tech in 2023 with a BA in History and in Political Science, with an additional minor in War and Society. From Virginia Beach, VA, Miles’ interests include military, political, and social histories, especially in the 18th-19th centuries. His special focus is on the American Civil War, specifically on campaigns, the experiences of soldiers and POWs, and the political history of that conflict. Future plans include becoming a collegiate-level history instructor, public history work, and working in a government role or at a policy institute.

Paige Carter

My name is Paige and I am pursuing a Masters of Arts in History, focusing on the study of women, gender, and sexuality. I am from Farmington, NC, and completed my undergraduate degree in History at Catawba College in Salisbury, NC. At Catawba, I fell in love with the study of gender and was pushed to further explore the lived experience of women in the past. While at VT, I plan to deepen my study of women, gender, and sexuality, specifically in the Medieval and Early Modern periods. After completing this program, I plan to pursue a career in Secondary Education so that I can share my love of history with others.

Andrea Cohen

Andrea is working towards a Dual History and Curriculum and Instruction MA. She is from Northern California and completed her Bachelor’s Degree in History from Virginia Tech in May 2023. Her research interests include 18th and 19th-century American slavery issues, military, and political history. Upon completion of this program, she intends to pursue a career path and teach History in grades six-twelve in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Kylie Edington

Kylie is pursuing a Master’s in Art in History with a certificate in Public History. She is originally from Fairfax, Virginia. She completed her undergraduate studies at Randolph College in Lynchburg, VA, earning her Bachelor of Arts in History and Classics. She also studied European History abroad at Queens University Belfast during her junior year. She has a strong interest in Modern Europe with a concentration on political and religious conflicts within Germany and Northern Ireland, as well as gender and sexuality in Europe as a whole. Her goal after graduation is to obtain her PhD in European History.

Kaylen Griles

Kaylen is pursuing an MA in History with particular interests in espionage and intelligence use in the American Revolution and social histories of those in small, rural towns in southern Virginia. Originally from Halifax County, Virginia, she graduated from Christopher Newport University in 2023 majoring in History with minors in Political Science and Leadership Studies. Her future goals include pursuing a Ph.D. and eventually teaching at a college or university. 

Mason Keyser

Mason is pursuing an MA in History here at Virginia Tech where he received a BA in Foreign Languages a few years ago. He is from Bath County, Virginia. He is a student of Indigenous History and Imperialism in the Americas. He is also interested in oral history, cartography, migrations, food practices, and maritime history. After graduation, he plans to pursue a PhDThrough his studies, he hopes to raise public awareness of Indigenous interests and integrate Latin American histories more fully into the worldviews of everyday Americans. 

Hannah Schetselaar

Hannah is pursuing an M.A. in history at Virginia Tech. She is originally from Gainesville, VA, but came down to Southwest Virginia to get her Bachelor of Science at Roanoke College. Her main research interest is the history of enslavement. However, she is also interested in LGBTQ+ and women’s histories. After this program, she hopes to work at a museum spreading knowledge to the public.

Kayla Webb

My name is Kayla and I plan on getting a master’s with a Public History Certificate. I am from Ridgeway VA just outside of Martinsville VA and Eden NC. I completed my undergraduate degree at Longwood University in 2020 amidst the pandemic. I’m currently interested in studying ancient history (mainly Greco-Roman, maybe Egyptian), Medieval studies, and the history of diseases. After my time here at Virginia Tech, I hope to find work in either museums or archives.